Powerboat Racing

Powerboat  racing


Team Sponsoring Business
  Are you interested please contact, also available other options consult, all options are valued
You importan domains, month / year
The  dominain      www atlanticchallengerrecord com   85   € for  month    800    € for  Year
The  dominain      www thehalestropy com 117   € for  month 1.000    € for  Year
The  dominain      www worldofpowerboat.com 189   € for  month 1.800    € for  Year
The  dominain      www yachtsreviews com   70   € for  month    650    € for  Year
The  dominain      www blogboat com   60   € for  month    500    € for  Year
The  dominain      www racingforsale com   67   € for  month    600    € for  Year
Contact: correonautica@gmail.com
Very important for lovers of boats, all proceeds are dedicated to the sport of powerboat racing

Finances   Motorcies Racing   2016


  First want to thank you for your cooperation, date of foundation on 1 October 2008 our efforts will be aimed at creating a stable, strong and respected in the world of sports club.
Thank you very much to all carefully, A.Otero

Partners and Socios

We believe in the need to form a strong and stable project in the sport.

- The club needs your cooperation, as you know nothing is free, your help is important for the growth and development of the project.

- To date we have worked hard for several years to build a solid foundation that allows us to grow.

- Joining part of the project is possible, their ideas are important, contact

- We believe in the need to build growth strategy and we believe that we will succeed only if we receive the necessary support from our partners.

- The proceeds will be always dedicated and managed through the sports club, these finances be public and transparent via official website, in as far as the law allows.

Professional business sector

Companies that want to use our brand (MR) associated with racing, for promotion should contact, we try each case personally, thanks

- If you want to use our brand, for your business or product, we are open to negotiation, fulfilling a series of requirements.

- have questions, please contact, correonautica@gmail.com

Examples: Magazines,Cars; Boats, sports equipment, toys, clothing, marine products, and other

Private investor in the Scuderia

You a businessman or investment fund wants to invest or be the owner of the team, with all associated rights, including domains www , 

The economic value of the team for 2016 is 350,000 € more tax

Collaboration formats

You can make a donation

If you want to be an associate member of the team, minimum monthly fee of € 10

IBAN: Bank accoun:  This data will be active from January 1, 2016, sorry for the inconvenience