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Support for teams or pilots,  Season  2017  Powerboat  Racing

MR Season 2016   supports teams or competition pilots who want to be represented in WWW.

We offer: Image Design Team, logos etc
Website, hosting the website,
Your domain.com + net + eu, management and control

We also offer Photographic albums, corporate video team, video highlights of the races, etc.

You can hire the basic monthly service starting from 30 € per month, see the conditions for yourself or your team

Other proposals:

You for more than 10 years the sector "Racing" specifically to boats racing in the future we hope to be with the car.

Use of the mark - MR - for publicity purposes your company
Example boats, cars, motorcycles, clothing, helmets, energy drinks, food, etc.

As you can make use of the brand for the benefit of your company, an example - my marca.MR,
Anyone understood that the bonus of "MR" offers a special performance of the product that is focused on the world of racing or sport racing

If you want to use our brand, for your business or product, we are open to negotiation, fulfilling a series of requirements.

If you have questions, please contact, correonautica@gmail.com

The benefits of these services are engaged in the construction of Motorices Racing team
Thank to all MR



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